Transforming change together into lasting results

Every organisation goes through crucial moments of change. Either expected or unexpected. As an opportunity, or rather out of necessity. In the form of a complex IT project or as an organisational restructuring. Or as a complete 'Business Transformation'.

You will certainly be familiar with a challenge such as this. Maybe you are in the middle of it, but you aren't achieving the progress or results you would like.

The ‘art’ is to first getting things into focus: what is the ambition? What impact does change have on people, structures and technology? In order to subsequently pursue a course leading to attainable and sustainable results, with the right deployment of people and resources. This means that transition contributes to enhancing your business performance and organisational excellence. Ready for the next challenge. After all: changes are achieved by people.

With over 20 years' experience, ARCH is mastering this 'art' of realising change through an integrated transition plan with the right measurement instruments up to the shop floor.  ‘Making change happen’.

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Sustainable results

We support organisations in solving their transformation challenges from strategy to implementation

  • Strategy implementation

    Strategy implementation

    • Ensuring business improvement and operational excellence are executed along the strategic objectives of the company
    • Securing effective decision making and governance
    • Preparing for digital transformation and executing digital business solutions until implementation
  • Technology transformation

    Technology transformation

    • Ensuring ICT solutions are well aligned with business strategy and goals
    • Organising End-to-End ICT processes and services to support DESIGN, BUILD and RUN of ICT systems and infrastructure
    • Support ICT/ERP/CRM/BI/Digital transformation projects
  • People & organisation

    People & organisation

    • Building people and organisation solutions to help organisations achieve transformational success
    • Aligning organisational structures, talent, leadership and culture with the transformation strategy

Our clients

Every transition process we jointly achieve is unique. As also are you, our client. This is why the relationship with you is paramount. Through our personal way of working and our passion, we help your people to give the best of themselves. Where necessary, we show the courage required for choosing client-specific solutions above 'easy' standard methods and techniques.

This gives rise to mutual trust, in which we strive for the common goal. This trust means our clients always come back to ARCH.


Streamlining the organisation
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