Enhancing transition

Leveraging transitions

It is a challenge for companies to achieve results in a continually changing context and market. Preferably in a swiftly and flexible manner, as to retain the desired competitive advantage. Dealing with changes is part of the game. Nevertheless, in practice the results are often later than expected – or even not at all. As well as prompt results, ARCH also wants sustainable ones.

There are four leverages we can use to support you in any transition process: actively and preventively, always in a sustainable way :


In order to keep transition on the right track, we set out a customised approach necessary for managing the change project. We create a guiding alliance of all those involved, who will then together ensure full acceptance and anchoring within the organisation.


As a crucial leverage besides traditional techniques such as Business Analysis, Business Performance Management and Project Management, we apply specific change management methods. This furthermore involves not only gauging and where necessary adjusting the change process, but also addressing the "human" aspects such as 'Persuasion', 'Preparation' and 'Perseverance'.


The context encompasses both external and internal factors. We examine the cohesion amongst the various organisational levels, the business culture and decision flows that together make the organisation a living and dynamic whole. These factors can have a enhancing but also an impeding influence on the change process and the support it gets. It is this important to have these factors interact with each other in the right way.


People are the heart of a company. They make or break a change, since they determine to a major extent whether or not the results are both attained and sustainable. We assist individuals and as well as teams with respect to their readiness and capacity for change, and coach them where necessary toward stronger leadership. The goal is to make people more resilient and flexible, so that the organisation will be able to cope much better with future challenges.