Carve-out of IT environment

ENI (Distrigas)


Following the merger between Suez and Gaz de France, the newly formed GDF Suez group had to carve out fully Distrigas. Among other things, this entailed a search for new ICT solutions (applications but also hosting of the IT environment) that would make Distrigas less dependent on Electrabel.

ARCH became involved and has guided the carve out and the migration of the administrative applications (SAP ERP and SAP CRM) to a new environment, including the full “post-migration care”.

Project approach

  • Inventory and strategy – We examined every component of the ERP and CRM platforms and defined their place in the entire ICT ecosystem. Secondly, we outlined the migration strategy for each component. The business owners and ICT staff were fully involved in this phase.
  • Selection of IT Partner– ARCH listed the specifications for the new IT application and infrastructure solutions. We analysed the market, selected the suppliers and assisted Distrigas in the contract negotiations.
  • Planning – Each component of the migration was planned in fine detail. The sum of those individual plans resulted in one master plan that was validated by all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Management – ARCH managed the entire project as Project Manager. We handed over to the various support teams in such way that the new IT environment contributed to the further development of Distrigas/ENI.


ARCH provided Distrigas with a handful of concrete deliverables: an inventory, specifications, selection dossiers and the master plan. Based on those documents, Distrigas succeeded in completing the migration in full.
Distrigas is market leader in Belgium for selling gas to companies. It is part of ENI for some time now, and is further building on a strong international position.


Contact persons

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ERP Implementation

Striking results

Every transition process we jointly achieve is unique, as are our clients. Mutual trust arises due to our personal way of working and our passion, yet also because where necessary, we opt for client-specific solutions above 'easy' standard methods. Essential to achieving the common goal.

This trust implies that we have had the pleasure of working with the following clients:



Definition of new IT strategy, more oriented towards the business needs
Project management and program management
Research about the economies of scale in joining support services at EMEA-level
Streamlining of the organisation
Collivery: program and change management as a result of ERP implementation in warehouses
Strategy development around IT contribution • Change management and manager coaching
Process optimisation
Integration support of various acquisitions (IT, finance, ...)
Improvement of after-sales service
iCAP assessment: screening of a strategic project on logistics
Execution of the "Strategic Improvement Programme" (SIP)
Reorganisation the IT organisation: vision, strategy, processes