Central administration moves to a new office

De Watergroep


The Flemish Water Supply Company (De Watergroep) relocated its central administration to a new office building with landscape offices and flexible workplaces. A world away from the old buildings. ARCH guided the entire transition process.

Project approach

  • Analysis of needs – When elaborating the technical specs for the landscape offices, ARCH decided, in consultation with the De Watergroep, to apply the principle of flexible workplaces as extensive as possible: no fixed workplaces, but each employee could work with a laptop, programmable landlines and follow-me printing.
  • Realisation – ARCH managed the tendering processes from specifications until implementation, and was the spider in the communication web between De Watergroep staff and the suppliers selected.
  • Buy-in –De Watergroep staff's involvement was crucial for also making the project succeed in practice. This is why a workgroup was created very early on in the process, with representatives from every department to act as a sounding board. This workgroup also acted as an internal project ambassador towards other parties involved.


De Watergroep moved to its new offices in October 2010. This switch went smoothly, thanks to intensive guidance and close monitoring supported by ARCH. Nowadays, everyone at De Watergroep works in a flexible office landscape.

De Watergroep is the largest drinking water supplier in Flanders, and provides drinking water to 2.9 million Flemish families in 175 communes and cities. The company is also partner in municipal sewerage networks and realises customised projects for businesses as an integral water company

Contact persons

+32 475 61 75 23
Carve-out of IT environment
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Flexible and purposeful development environment
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Striking results

Every transition process we jointly achieve is unique, as are our clients. Mutual trust arises due to our personal way of working and our passion, yet also because where necessary, we opt for client-specific solutions above 'easy' standard methods. Essential to achieving the common goal.

This trust implies that we have had the pleasure of working with the following clients:



Individual Change Readiness Survey and training for 300 executives to work differently
Streamlining of the organisation
Training and coaching around project management, based on PMBok
Force field analysis for the integration of the new competencies resulting from the Sixth State Reform
Support in expanding the international branch network
Strategic workshop and accompanying training
Support to the revision of the HR environment: strategy, services portfolio, organisation and processes, systems
Various advices, studies and business cases for instance for Hastus, subscription service, mobile ticketing, floor space layout
Elaboration of and change support for the new IT strategy (BoostIT)
Integration support of various acquisitions (IT, finance, ...)
Support of product range alignment
Re-design of the administrative organisation: from positioning and analysis to its implementation
Change management as part of a SAP implementation
Integration of Distrigas and Nuon within ENI
Support of budget cycle
Optimisation of the organisation
Project management for various IT related projects
Analysis of and optimisation of distribution processes