Implementation of a new ERP

Collivery (Solucious)


Solucious needed a new ERP system for its six sites, which would offer a greater number of more specific functionalities than the existing store software of Colruyt retail. This change meant the first major project for the newly restructured IT organisation at Colruyt. Moreover, the integration of the new software ran in parallel with a merger operation.

Project approach

ARCH applied the in-house project methodology of Colruyt, and respected the organisation's participation culture and flat hierarchy. In that context we opted for our own RICA® approach (‘Roadmap towards Integrated Change Acceptance’) for change management, in two phases:

  • Design – Start-up; analysis of context and the impact of change on processes, roles and tasks; design of the processes, ….
  • Implementation – Adjusting the organisation and the task packages, documenting working methods, coaching those involved, ….


The transition to the new ERP was achieved on time and had a profound impact on certain processes such like : refurbishment of a warehouse, making automatic orders possible, better management of reserve stock, new order site for customers, new documentation and catalogue.

Solucious is a national wholesaler. As subsidiary of the Colruyt Group, it supplies food items to social and commercial restaurants, companies, company kitchens, and others. Solucious' range includes both familiar national brands and its own brands.

Contact persons

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Striking results

Every transition process we jointly achieve is unique, as are our clients. Mutual trust arises due to our personal way of working and our passion, yet also because where necessary, we opt for client-specific solutions above 'easy' standard methods. Essential to achieving the common goal.

This trust implies that we have had the pleasure of working with the following clients:



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