Next Continent

ARCH is Citizen of Next Continent

Going international is a key strategic issue for a consulting firm especially when dedicated to large corporate companies.

Nextcontinent is the network which we contributed to found.
It is our choice, our project.

We serve our clients with specific values we want to keep even if we accompany them abroad with the help of our partners.

But this does not mean being the same everywhere. 
It rather means being able to project abroad the way we act for our clients with the help of long trusted partners.
It rather means that we accept diversity of practices because we accept diversity of markets.
This provides us with an outstanding capacity to offer open and fresh advices to our clients.
NextContinent is more than an International Network. 
It is the leverage capacity we decided to settle with 10 other independent consulting firms in 29 countries (and more to come) in order to project our own values and to enrich them with other cultural contexts.
This is our answer to serve your global challenges. 

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Our history

Since 20 years as partner we guide organisations through crucial moments of change and transition. Persuade, prepare and persevere: these are the spearheads we rely on as ‘trusted advisor’ time and again when we keep on realising a transition. Throughout the years, ARCH succeeded in growing continually. With a clear vision, by delivering each time again quality and customised assistance in full mutual trust with our clients. We are proud of our past and would like to highlight some important milestones …


ARCH becomes stronger with the arrival of 2 new partners : Bert Kuypers and Frans Beckers join the team at the wheel. Together with the 2 founders, they leverage on their experience and expertise to realise even more the core objective of ARCH : “Making change happen! Tomorrow as much as today.


Continuously investing in our clients and people bears fruit : our turnover exceeds € 5 million.


We differentiate ourselves further by expanding our expertise in change and program management. Stay tuned is the message!


The business star-up of ARCH Talent Sourcing is a fact. Initially, this service is offered as internal sourcing partner, but as of 2013 it is extended to all our clients.


Besides smaller companies, we assist larger Belgian and even large international organisations to live through drastic changes successfully. At the same time, we decide to put our strategic focus also more on the Public Sector.


Bert Van Daele and Jan Van Laer establish ARCH starting from a common vision on organisational changes. An integrated methodology to assist clients facing change is the core, as much as an outspoken people-centric project approach.