ARCH makes change happen with i-Police.
08 July 2022
Since the beginning of January 2022, the i-Police digital transformation project has been launched at the Belgian police. The project entails a digital revolution, costing almost 300 million euros and digitizing all operational tasks of the police. Such a revolution requires the necessary change management expertise. ARCH is the right partner to make that change happen.
ARCH is the new partner of SMALS for Strategy & Organisation projects
05 June 2018

SMALS has selected ARCH to provide consultancy assignments for social security institutions, federal governments, agencies and other public organisations for a period of 4 years, within the framework agreement Strategy & Organisation (BB-001.0

ARCH is awarded a framework agreement with Jobpunt Vlaanderen for the 2nd time in a row for 4 years
15 June 2017

Jobpunt Vlaanderen again awarded ARCH the highest score in the negotiation procedure with prior announcement for the execution of assignments regarding organisational optimisation and change management.

ARCH extends its footprint by the acquisition of EUROGROUP CONSULTING Belgium
03 April 2015

As a leading Belgian independent consultancy firm, ARCH specialises in managing business, IT and organisational transitions for large and mid-sized clients in multiple industries.

ARCH is reinforced with 2 new partners
03 November 2014

ARCH continues to grow and welcomes two new partners.

Leadership in change: change driver or change inhibitor?
03 November 2014

Change is the buzzword of this decade. In all areas of public life (politics, economy, education, health care, etc.) we are facing major transitions.

Anchoring Change
15 October 2014

There are several famous quotes about ‘Change’ from very important thinkers. Einstein said "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them".