Our clients

Elaboration of and change support for the new IT strategy (BoostIT)
Integration support of various acquisitions (IT, finance, ...)
Support of product range alignment
Re-design of the administrative organisation: from positioning and analysis to its implementation
Change management as part of a SAP implementation
Integration of Distrigas and Nuon within ENI
Support of budget cycle
Optimisation of the organisation
Project management for various IT related projects
Analysis of and optimisation of distribution processes
Support of the move to new premises
Business case and program management for setting up a customer centre
Social secretariat for dockworkers: Process description and optimisation
Change management as a part of CRM systems implementation for the office windows of the City of Antwerp
Reorganisation as a result of the merger between HDP and Partena
Set up of project management office for IT infrastructure projects
Project Management for infrastructure projects in EMEA
Research on collaboration of various water control companies in Seine Schelde Rijn region
Optimisation of Finance Controlling in IT EMEA (as result of SAP implementation)
Sales management for Ardatis services package to public sector clients
Carve out of Distrigas from Fluxys and Electrabel: set up of HR, Finance, ICT and Training organisation
Project management and program management
Execution of the "Strategic Improvement Programme" (SIP)
Support of competence management development • Development of the IT strategy
Support with the debate on core activities and efficiencies
Eurega: employee alignment of Fluxys representatives
Introduction of BBC (Policy and Control cycle)
Advice concerning business strategy including processes and systems
Design of the ICT department, including PMO and incident management
Introduction of a new software application
Improvement of after-sales service
Process optimisation and support to change management within SOUL project (safety culture)
Reorganisation of various departments • Reorganisation the services of the City Manager
ERP implementation support: IT audit, functional specifications and market survey
Reorganisation and optimisation of the HR department
Support to implementing a performance improvement plan
Reorganisation of order entry, ticketing and planning • Set up of Performance Management for HR
Aeneas Project implementation (supporting administrative processes) • Introduction of project-based way of working
Strategy development around IT contribution • Change management and manager coaching
Change management and counselling / coaching of the VP Medical Systems
Streamlining the organisation
Management development training (leadership, leadership roles, ...)
Set up a new organisational model for customer service
Performance evaluation of dealer network
RDV project to improve communication to travellers: process and role descriptions, operational planning with Hastus
Support of IT implementation project
Optimisation of the customer service department • Process management improvement
Support of global implementation of ERP package
Support of the merger and of discontinuing the operations
Optimisation of HR business processes and organisational structure
Process description and advice in outlining organisational chart and job descriptions
Project management for implementing ticketing system in Sweden
Set up of call centre with front & back office, incl. job descriptions
Screening of ICT department and increasing performance
Business-IT alignment and IT strategy implementation
Set up of Benelux organisation, based on UK processes, systems and organisational model
Project management for developing sales strategy and amendments to the HR organisation as a result of HR audit
Phasing of out IT systems
Logistics & warehousing, supply chain optimisation
Creation of a quality certification and quality manual • Coaching on organisational development
Support in drawing up a new management contract (vision, strategic objectives, KPIs, ...)
Improvement of sales performance (processes, organisation, sales coaching)
Developing a roadmap for IT reorganisation
IT project management support
Research for optimising warehouses • Trainings for project-based work
Feasibility study about the integration of the support services as a result of merger between colleges
Force field analysis in preparation of a structural improvement plan
Support of the service “Community Building” (organisational model, job descriptions)
Process optimisation and improving functioning of management team
Reorganisation of the technical support centre
Change management in the transition (IT and organisation) to a new news studio
Job descriptions and accompanying wage classification
Support and project management for relocation and new ways of working
Framework contract for: Project Management • Program Management • Change management
Support in aligning IT and the business
Provision of specific competences
Assistance to the IT Mgr in setting up PMO and ad hoc project management
Support in setting up the Call Center
Merger of IT and Process Division
Introduction of project methodologies
Set up of HR organisation Benelux • Set up of European financial shared service centre
Research about the economies of scale in joining support services at EMEA-level
Reorganisation support
Process description and optimisation of competences, functions and capacity
Process documentation and process optimisation in view to improving efficiency
Collivery: program and change management as a result of ERP implementation in warehouses
ERP Selection and implementation
Support of the move to new premises
Process optimisation
Support of various change programs, including interim management and crisis management
Set up a factory in the UK
Management Support Services Economy (Flemish Government)
Set up project management methodology and change management for the "New Directions" programs
iCAP assessment: screening of a strategic project on logistics
Optimisation of the organisation and processes (in comparison with competitors)
Audit of contract management for subcontracted operators
Reorganisation the IT organisation: vision, strategy, processes
Definition of new IT strategy, more oriented towards the business needs
“De Lijn of the future”: reorganisation of support functions and repositioning of the provincial entities
Non-food business integration: realising synergies around Dreamland, Dreambaby and Collishop through a matrix organisation
Individual Change Readiness Survey and training for 300 executives to work differently
Streamlining of the organisation
Training and coaching around project management, based on PMBok
Force field analysis for the integration of the new competencies resulting from the Sixth State Reform
Support in expanding the international branch network
Strategic workshop and accompanying training
Support to the revision of the HR environment: strategy, services portfolio, organisation and processes, systems
Various advices, studies and business cases for instance for Hastus, subscription service, mobile ticketing, floor space layout