A suitable approach to change

Approach adapted to your needs

Customisation is the logic. We fine-tune our approach to your needs. We use current project-management methodologies, supplemented with an integrated change plan consisting of four phases. Besides rational aspects – such as budget, planning, scope, and quality – we also take emotional aspects such as acceptance and resistance into account.

Define and Orient

We determine the scope of the change and the organisation's capacity for realising that change. We identify possible points of attention, state where you are now and help to establish realistic and optimal objectives. We also start creating the support for change as broad as possible.

Develop and Plan

We set up all the elements required for realising the change project. We put together a change team, equipped with instruments for guiding change, making it transparent and measurable. We create the overall change plan with the team, including amongst others the project plan, communication plan and training plan.

Implement, Evaluate and Adjust

We execute the change plan as a team and adjust where necessary. Since transparency is key, interim reports clearly chart the results and effects. We provide a clear overview of the individual, team and organisation in this change process: from awareness-raising to acceptance. This means we can offer suitable responses swiftly and proactively.

Celebrate, Close and Transfer

We celebrate the successes achieved together with the team, and transfer in the end all responsibilities to the organisation. We identify learning points for further enhancement of readiness and capacity for change. This way, the organisation is better equipped to cope with change independently in the future.