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The political administration will propose policies at federal, regional or local level that will be translated into (new) management contracts. These set out the emphasises for the following years regarding strategic and operational objectives. At the same time, in the coming years there will be a rapidly changing context in which many technological, economic and social evolutions are expected.

These evolutions implicate that public organisations will be constantly challenged to organise themselves as effectively and efficiently as possible. That is why they cannot sit still and must constantly adapt to these changing circumstances.

From our role as consultant, ARCH has gained many years of expertise and experience in all management  areas of federal and regional authorities, local authorities or public organisations that want to implement important organisational, technological or strategic changes.

We provide organisations in the (semi) public sector with innovative methods, expertise, knowledge, tools and experience that they need to realise their ambition and strategy.

A broad set of service offerings

We have an integrated portfolio of service offerings for public authorities that have already been successfully used in many projects. These offerings can be subdivided into the following 6 domains:


  • Transformation and change:

What needs to be changed? What is the roadmap and how can we evolve?
Administrative simplification and optimisation of business operations is not only focused towards  citizens and companies, but also for the simplification of the government itself, which must lead to better cooperation and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.

It is our conviction that incremental changes in governance and organisation are no longer sufficient. Because globalisation and digitalisation are changing our society in a way and at a speed that is unparalleled.

Finally, the human aspect also plays a central role in this. Change management as an additional, but necessary set of activities offers added value at all times in a transformation process.

ARCH assists in the definition and implementation of transformation programs:

  • Defining the transformation roadmap;
  • Executive coaching, team coaching, individual coaching, 360° leadership evaluation;
  • Coaching people to reduce the resistance to change;
  • Applying a coordinated and integrated change management approach and guiding the change process (impact on structures, personnel, culture, cooperation with the citizen, technology, …).


  • Strategy and policy making:

Where does the organisation want to go?
Fundamental vision regarding the essential building blocks of a government organisation: vision and mission, structures, personnel policy, culture, working environment, cooperation between citizens,  government employees, …

The goal is to translate the strategy into operational mode, through a portfolio of projects, processes and systems that are implemented by people within clear structures. Only then does the strategy create real effectiveness benefits, better service ... In short, added value.
That is why it is so important that the vision and strategy are not a top-down story only. The success of the organisation is largely based on input and support throughout the entire organisation. People are the mirror of the organisation, and vice versa.

ARCH helps organisations to make strategic choices tangible and measurable and to define the right priorities:

  • Guiding strategic thinking exercises, strengths-weaknesses analyses, mergers of organisations;
  • Internal/external environmental analysis, benchmarking, surveys;
  • Assisting in developing the future vision and strategy, including the definition of strategic and operational plans, the critical success factors;
  • Set up of strategic project portfolios;
  • Preparing business plans, assisting in the stakeholder debate;
  • Organisational management and internal control (how to follow-up and report business objectives in  an efficient, effective and qualitative manner);
  • Converting regulations into pragmatic working methods;
  • Design operating models;
  • Setting up Shared Service Centers (SSC);
  • Organisation of the accessibility of the services: eg The Unique Counter;
  • Smart working (digital working, workplace layout, facilities portfolio, …);
  • Digital government (offering digital services, managing digital processes, digital skills, …).


  • Organisation design:

What needs to be improved regarding the organisational structures?
This includes aligning the organisation to external environmental factors and aligning it with strategy and governance contracts. It implicates adjustments regarding organisation structures, decision processes, collective learning capacity, culture, vision, strategy and processes. 

Topics ARCH facilitates, include:

  • Performing organisational audits and redesigning organisational structures;
  • Setting up staffing plans, staff workload allocation;
  • Audit and optimisation of management and decision-making mechanisms;
  • Working as a flexible, innovative organisation (eg minimal hierarchy, simplified procedures);
  • Facilitating group dynamics and providing advice regarding organisational culture and the need for cultural change.
  • Setting up network organisations;
  • Local government cooperation initiatives.


  • Technology:

What is technically necessary to support the strategic and operational objectives and changes?
Smart investments in new technologies (ERP, cloud, mobile, data analytics, …), business and IT alignment, review of governance and working methods by combining Agile and DevOps with IT Service Management (ITIL), Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF) and Application Portfolio Management make it possible to transform IT towards a service-oriented organisation.

ARCH assists organisations in various areas:

  • ICT operating model;
  • ICT sourcing strategy;
  • Business application strategy;
  • Integrator selection, application, infrastructure, outsourcing choices;
  • Stimulate business innovation by assisting in complex IT / ERP / BI / CRM implementation projects;
  • Managing the implementation of IT / ERP Competence Centers.


  • Data driven management information:

Which data and information is needed to manage the strategic objectives and to better anchor result orientated working? How well are we doing? How do we measure the performance of activities and processes?

Today, data is the fuel for the digital economy. Making good decisions in the interest of the entire society requires that a government has correct and up-to-date information. Management and analytics are inextricably linked to each other.
Three things are essential for setting up a data-driven information policy:

  • A simple and reliable method for managing business process results on a daily basis;
  • A culture that deals with results (plan versus actual) and connects all levels within the organisation;
  • Leadership that stimulates a culture in which the entire organisation is focused on the joint achievement of strategic objectives.


As ARCH, we help organisations in various areas through intelligent insights:

  • Developing an information management strategy;
  • Developing dynamic financial and operational control concepts;
  • Big data, data analytics;
  • Data governance, data processes and decision structures;
  • Multidimensional financial and operational KPI dashboards and reporting;
  • Reduction of e the administrative burden for citizens by requesting the citizen's data once and sharing them: "only once principle"


  • Continuous improvement:

How to orient the organisation towards continuous improvement? How can we improve processes and controllability on a continuous basis?

In our consultancy assignments, we focus on the importance of continuous improvement, based on behavioural change. We define the story behind the change and what this means for the employee, the department and the organisation. We focus on embedded results as an important and continuous part in the overall change process, as we thereby influence the speed and effectiveness of anchoring and adopting the change.

ARCH offers organisations a number of levers, tailored to the specific needs of the organisation:

  • Process analysis, Business Process Management (BPM) and LEAN;
  • Performance management and workload measurement;
  • Implementing cost savings within limits imposed on the workforce (such as the principle of budget neutrality);
  • Realising both economic (performance, efficiency and effectiveness) and social added value (quality of work);
  • Development of performance measurement systems including monitor function and feedback mechanisms;
  • Cross-departmental cooperation and administrative simplification.


Our assets

ARCH has important assets that guarantee that your transformation projects will lead to sustainable results:

  • Broad expertise within the public sector (local, regional, federal);
  • A team of more than 60 multidisciplinary consultants with proven project experience within the public sector regarding Strategy Implementation, Technology Transformation and People & Organisation;
  • We foster open dialogue and personal involvement of all project staff;
  • We take responsibility for the effective organisation and management of each project in order to guarantee joint, anchored and sustainable results;
  • We use proven and workable methodologies and tools.


Framework agreements

ARCH has been selected as a "preferred partner" for the provisioning of consultancy services. Through a number of framework agreements, where ARCH is the primary partner, you - as a public institution - can benefit from the services of ARCH.

  • Poolstok frame agreement:
    ARCH is a partner of Poolstok (the former Jobpunt Vlaanderen) within the framework agreement ‘organisation optimisation and change management’. Organisations that are ‘partners’ of Poolstok can easily use our services through this framework agreement.
  • SMALS frame agreement:
    ARCH also offers consulting services within the SMALS framework agreement “Strategy & organisation”. Social security organisations, federal governments, agencies and other public organisations can benefit from this framework agreement. This agreement covers 6 domains:
    • Strategic management;
    • Project management and change management;
    • Organisational design;
    • Process management;
    • Work and productivity measurements;
    • Performance measurements, dashboards and KPIs.


How can we help you?

Are you interested in our services? Please contact us on info@arch.partners or use the form on our website. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to make sure your question will be answered.